FgHW-Lunchbreak Sessions 2024

07. Feb 2024, ab 13:00 Uhr

For 2024, the Lunchbreak Sessions are also planned, which were introduced last year under the leadership of Prof Dr Robert Jüpner as a new offering of the Hydrological Sciences Association (FgHW) in the DWA.

On six dates, a 30-minute specialist presentation will be followed by a discussion round between the participants. The free online events are aimed at interested parties from the fields of hydrology and water management and are intended to enable an active exchange from different perspectives.

Here is the full programme:

  • 07.02.2024 Prof. Dr Andreas Schumann (Ruhr University, Bochum) - DFG project SPATE: Space-Time Dynamics of Extreme Floods
  • 17.04.2024 Dr Julian Hoffmann (HKC, Cologne) - Heavy rainfall forecasting with AI
  • 05.06.2024 Julia Schrade (Young DWA) - Traditional meadow irrigation creates spongy landscape
  • 21.08.2024 Dr.-Ing. habil Uwe Müller (LfLUG Saxony) - Dealing with water - a challenge! (Climate-adapted water management-essential for our future!)
  • 09.10.2023 PD habil Dr Thomas Hoffmann (BfG) - Development of suspended matter rates on federal waterways 
  • 27.11.2024 Dr Johannes Mitterer (TU Munich) - Thinking research and practice of land and water management together: On the potential of long-term landscape laboratories for a resilient landscape water balance 

The Lunchbreak Sessions are a free offering and will be conducted via Zoom as video conferences by the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management at RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau. Registrations for individual presentations can be made here: https://bauing.rptu.de/ags/wasserbau/veranstaltungen/fghw-lunchbreak-sessions-2024

Please note: Separate registration is required for each of the six events. Registration for the next event will be unlocked after each respective session.

The annual program for 2024 is available here and additional information about the first Lunchbreak Session can be found here.